0Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Krista Tannahill and I am an online marketing trainer and social media manager in Halifax, NS.

I work with businesses and organizations to help them gain online visibility, grow their business and increase profitability. This includes online advertising and marketing, social media management and website administration.

In my five plus years running my own business – I have noticed that changes in the online marketing world are fast and swift, leaving entrepreneurs and businesses trying to catch up to the changes. It makes it a challenge to stay up to speed on everything going on in the online marketing world.

My entire career has involved a training component and I have taught online marketing to business owners and entrepreneurs through the government (DLAE) as well as through a variety of organizations that support new business owners. Additionally, I am a member of the Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia (AWENS).

If you are looking for customized training for your business or if you are looking for someone to manage the online marketing (including social media) for your organization please get in touch.  You can also reach out via LinkedIn.

Thank you!